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Our Cheek & Lip Tints are created with a suspension of mineral pigment in a highly concentrated, nourishing serum. The mineral particles are cosmetic grade particle size, much larger than nano-particles and thus safe for use.

Our colors are vibrant and colorful, and have long lasting power.  The images do not do them justice. The is an earthy red color with a metallic sheen and will leave a pearlescent glow. Use it to color cheeks, lips and as an eye shadow. Use alone or in combination with our other Tints for a unique effect.

DESIGNED FOR: Lips and cheeks in need of color and moisture. Also as an eye shadow.

BENEFITS: Offering a safe alternative to liquid makeup and loose powder mineral makeup. Moisturizing and coloring. 

HOW TO USE: These Mica Colors are heavy and tend to sink. Shake well before each use.  With the applicator apply a VERY SMALL amount to cheeks, lips and eyelids. Massage gently with fingertips for full coverage. Experiment combining it with our other tints for a dramatic effect. It requires the tiniest dot to provide coverage for both cheeks and an even smaller dot will tint your lips. The sensation remaining on the lips after application is like no other lip product you've experienced. If you use it as cautiously as you should our small jars will provide you with color for a long time. Applying a lip balm first will ease application and prolong coverage.

NOTE:  This Cheek Blush is concentrated. Use a small amount and exercise caution as some colors may stain clothing. 

Our Products are Artisanal, handmade with love in small quantities and fresh weekly


• 100% Organic
• Vegan
• Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, pesticides, PEGs, propylene or butylene glycols
• No artificial fragrances or dyes
• Fair trade
• Cruelty Free. NEVER tested on animals

This tint does not contain any FD&C or Lake Colorants which contain coal tar and petroleum and are of health concerns. 

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