Citrus Melody Travel Kit in Violet Glass


Five of our most popular products which are also part of our Citrus Melody Line of Products. Packaged in Swiss Violet Glass, they are well preserved for both home and travel use. Everything a woman or a man needs to look and feel beautiful. Designed with summer travel in mind, this kit will provide you with a spa day - every day without the added cost. 

The Citrus Melody Travel Kit includes: Pineapples & Cream Cleansing Milk (1 Oz Bottle), Citrus Melody Balancing Toner (0.5 Oz Spray Bottle), See Me C Repair Serum (0.2 Oz Bottle), Moisturize Me Citrus Restorative Cream ( 0.5 Oz Jar),  Citrus Blossom I-Restore Eye Cream (0.25 Oz)


Designed For: All Skin Types, including Dry, Combination-Oily and Mature Skin

Benefits: Moisturizing, Regenerating, Hydrating, Anti-Aging


How To Use: This Kit offers a Five Step Program. Use all products in this kit as you would the retail sized items.  


Use daily for best results. The products in this kit should last approximately 4 weeks. The Cleanser and Serum will offer up to 2 months of use. 

For more detailed information about the individual products in this kit, please look each product up in its respective category.


Note about Packaging:  Violet glass, blocks all degrading light frequencies and maintains superior quality of the products it stores. The glass dramatically prolongs shelf life, enhances bio-availabilty and nutritional value, and it looks great on the counter. It minimizes carbon footprint by extending product viability and non-throwaway containment.



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INGREDIENTS: Please look up separate product ingredients in their respective category.