Organic Argan Oil Hair & Body Kit

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100% Natural

Cruelty Free

GMO Free & Gluten Free

The Organic Argan Oil Hair & Body Kit is a versatile collection for hair and body care. The kit contains three bottles of superior quality Organic and Fairtrade Argan Oil, the freshest and best Argan Oil we’ve experienced to date. Each bottle contains 99% Argan Oil with 1% added Essential Oils of either Rosemary, Myrrh, or Tangerine, added to increase nutritious value and scent. The oil can be used on dry or wet hair to condition and style, on dry skin to moisturize and heal, and on the face to slow signs of premature aging. All three oils are great for all hair conditions and skin types.

Each oil can be used separately. For best effect, they combine well. Apply one pump of each to your hands and massage onto hair to protect, repair, and add sheen, maintaining lustrous locks and providing a fresh subtle scent.

Designed For

All hair conditions and skin types.


Protects damaged hair shaft, prevents split ends, nourishes, and heals skin.

How To Use

For hair: shake bottle well before use to mix ingredients. Squeeze a few pumps into hands and apply to hair. It goes on best when hair is slightly damp, and also works well on dry hair. Use it for a few days and your hair will look healthy and shiny, and feel silky soft.

For skin: apply a pump or two to skin of face and body. Great for dry hands, feet and elbows a well as cuticles.


These oils are great for hair and body. For face our preference is to use one of our specialized serum formulations where Argan Oil is combined with other nourishing, anti-aging carrier oils such as Acai Berry Oil, Blueberry Oil, or Pumpkin Seed Oil. When combined with essential oils and other botanical extracts the synergistic effects of the ingredients is more powerful than when using Argan Oil alone.