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Facial Scrub Sample Kit


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These Kits are the best way to discover the perfect scrub for your skin's natural glow.


Our Exfoliating Facial Scrub Kit contains both Powders and Liquids for three unique Scrubs for all skin types.

Each Scrub is designed to address a particular skin type. However, each and every one can also be safely used on all skin types. 

  • Frankincense & Rose: Great for Dry/Mature skin
  • Passionate Fig:  Effective for combination/oily skin
  • Sandalwood Ylang Ylang: Calming and soothing for all skin types and sensitive skin.

How To Use: Scoop 1 teaspoon of the Scrub powder mix onto a ceramic plate. Shake the bottle well to mix hydrosols and oils and pour 1 teaspoon. Stir and gradually add either powder or liquid to form an even paste. Apply to clean skin avoiding the eye area.

Masage gently and rinse with warm water. This is not a leave-on product. Follow with a Hydrosol Toner. While skin is still moist apply a Serum of your choice and complete your personal spa treatment with one of our Rich Moisturizing Creams. Once a week is sufficient to revitalize your skin.

Note: Our Facial Scrubs come as a separate duo of powder and liquid. They are not pre-mixed so as to extend shelf life. Each Scrub Sample contains 1-2 Applications.



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A complete list of ingredients for each product is available under the individual product listing.