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Finishing Cheek & Lip Paint - Tint Me Pink

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A luxurious, organic, antioxidant rich, tinted treatment serum designed to deliver hydration and nutrients to the skin with the added benefits of mild SPF and a radiant, even skin tone.

A wealth of organic ingredients is at the base of this formula. To Organic Argan Kernel Oil, Blueberry and Acai Berry Oils, we've added Jojoba Oil infused with a proprietary formulation of herbs with specific skin healing properties. Soothing Essential Oils and a pure vibrant mineral pigment complete this product. No FD&C or Lake dyes (synthetic dyes). This is a pure formulation and at the same time very effective. Lightweight, it is easily absorbed as it simultaneously replenishes your skin, smooths texture and diffuses lines.  Great for all skin tones, you can use it alone or over any foundation for a luminous finish.

The coverage level depends on the amount you apply- from a tinted glow to a flawless finish. We offer 3 shades which you can use alone or blend together to create your own customized color.

DESIGNED FOR: All skin types, including sensitive skin. Can be used on all skin tones.

BENEFITS:  Natural UV protection, a smooth finish and a radiant glow. A safe alternative to both liquid and loose powder mineral foundation. 

HOW TO USE: Mineral powder is heavy and tends to sink. Shake bottle well before each use to disperse all of the Mineral powder into the oil medium. After moisturizing and applying a tinted sunscreen, massage just a few drops initially. For complete coverage, dot on nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin and blend out toward the hairline. Can be used on Lips for delicate tint. Repeat throughout the day if necessary.  For more complete sun protection please make sure to wear protective clothing.

NOTE: Make sure to shake the bottle so the powder is well dispersed. Using a thin wooden spatula or toothpick to disperse powder in liquid will provide a thinner, more   uniform paste. If you reach the end of the bottle AND still have a significant amount of powder at the bottom, you can purchase our Skin Sonata Argan Oil Infusion and add 1 to 2 dropperfuls to the existing bottle and shake or stir. This will extend the use and prevent waste. 

• 95% Organic or Wildcrafted
• Vegan
• Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, pesticides, PEGs, propylene or butylene glycols
• No artificial fragrances or dyes
• NEVER tested on animals

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· Moroccan Argan Oil: Anti-Free Radicals, Anti-oxidant, Moisturizing, Regenerating, Anti-Aging
· Brazilian Buriti Oil: Anti-Free Radicals, Regenerating, Anti-Aging
· Blue Mallow Flowers: Softening, Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory
· Immortelle Flowers: Anti-Oxidant, Regenerating, Anti-Aging

COMPLETE LIST OF INGREDIENTS: *Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, fair-trade; *Organic Mauritia flexuosa (Buriti) Oil; *Organic Simmondsia Chinensis(Jojoba Oil); *Organic Malva Sylvestris (Blue Malva) Flowers; *Organic Immortelle (Life Everlasting) Flowers; *Organic Essential Oils; Mica, Titanium Dioxide; Iron Oxide
*Certified Organic Ingredients

2 Reviews

Eugenia B. Jan 11th 2019


I am so in love with this tint. I've never liked anything like a liquid blush -- they don't go on evenly and usually are too saturated in color. This product is absolute perfection. You shake it and take small amounts at a time -- it blends into the skin so easily, and the scent is simply divine. I've worn it as a gorgeous blush both on my naked face and also over foundation and powder. You can put it anywhere else you like, as the previous reviewer described. I started with a sample size and used a toothpick to stir when needed (as explained in instructions above). I haven't needed to do so yet with the larger size. Get it, you won't be sorry!

Diane H. Sep 28th 2017

Lovely tint, perfect for lips and face!

I love these new mineral tints from Rosemira! Between the Gold, Silver, Earthen Mist, and Pink, you can mix and match to create the perfect shade to blend with your complexion. I also think that the Pink is a good color companion for any complexion. I am very light skinned, and I find that all I need are the Silver and Pink tints to blend naturally with my skin tones. And I love this Pink tint! It's so pretty and natural looking. I use it on my lips, and on my cheeks, and I usually blend a tiny bit in with the Silver all over, too, to add a touch more warmth to my overall glow. I've also used it as an eye shadow. I love that Mira used Skin Sonata as the base serum for the Pink, too -- that's my favorite serum! :-) I find the light Tuberose scent delightful. These tinted sunscreen serums go on very weightless and smooth, too, so you don't feel like you're wearing anything at all. Highly recommended!

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