Purest Natural Skin Care Products Ingredients | Rosemira

One does not become an herbalist unless they have love and affinity for plants and their healing powers, and we love the herbs we use. The satisfaction our clients feel is the result of the purity of ingredients we select for each product.  

Purity of ingredients is paramount, but combining the right ones into one formula is an art that takes time to master. You can have the best ingredients, but then you mix them together and the result isn’t what you hoped  for. My first attempt at creating a serum was a humbling experience. I combined the oils and essential oils known for repairing the effects of age and environment on our skin and created a formula, hoping it would be a potent one, but the result didn’t feel right. I realized that mixing a bunch of herbs was not the solution. It’s been twenty years since that debacle, and my formulas have evolved. I don't include the same ingredients in all of them just because they are refuted to work. My See Me C Repair serum touts Marula and Pomegranate seed as the Carrier oils into which I add the anti-aging essential oils of Frankincense, Linden Blossom and a few more. My Skin Sonata Argan Oil Infusion has Argan oil as the main carrier oil and , in combination with Buriti Oil, they magnify their healing properties to repair sun damage.

Organic ingredients are the mainstay of my formulas. I don’t use synthetic ingredients, dyes, colorants, fragrances or toxic preservatives.  I all too often see that statement in varying forms on websites for other organic skincare companies. It seems legit until you go to the next page and actually read the ingredient list.  Please do that. It’s your responsibility to decipher the truth.  I’m proud of the ingredients I use, want to show off the lovely peach color of the marula oil, the deep olive color of Olive and Avocado Oils, or the amazing deep orange of Buriti oil. There’s nothing to hide, only to share. As a skincare company I’m under no obligation to disclose the ingredients I use, and many companies take advantage of that. For me, that ‘s the sign that maybe there are ingredients they don’t want me/you to see. You have the right to wisely choose what you purchase. Knowing what ingredients we use in our products is not only our business but yours too.

We provide results driven by the quality of ingredients used . We want to spend our money on formulating great products, not on fancy marketing. Exercise your discretion to make good choices that help keep you on the path to good health and beautiful skin.

I’m in the process of providing you with more detailed information about each of the ingredients I use in my formulas. Since I use many ingredients this is a time consuming endeavor. I’ve started with a very small selection and will be adding information about individual ingredients over time.  These ingredients are listed in alphabetical order for your ease of reference.

If there’s a particular ingredient you’d like to know about, please write to me and I’ll respond to your inquiry.