A note about Mineral makeup: Mineral makeup products have been touted as the healthiest cosmetic products in comparison to the liquid form. And while mineral makeup does not contain harmful chemicals, the small powder particles can cross the blood-brain and placental barriers and are easily inhaled. Long term use can lead to inflammation, lung irritation and lung disease.

Some of the better companies provide an oil to be mixed with the Mineral powder. And while it's a better solution than powder alone, the floating particles are still easily inhaled. So unless you want to wear a masque every time you apply your makeup, there has to be a better way.

I found the best combination of all, pure mineral makeup suspended in a potent Skin Serum which has both nourishing and Sun screening properties. The function is three-fold: feeding and treating the skin with highly nourishing ingredients, using a product with sun screening properties and, at the same time, applying color without the health hazard of airborne particles.

There's no need to sacrifice health for beauty. The beauty revealed when using our products radiates from within and is more than skin deep.