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Organic Tangerine - Argan Hair & Body Oil

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Our Tangerine Argan oil for Hair & Body is made of 95% fresh, Organic-Certified, Fair-Trade Argan Oil and 5% Organic Essential Oil blend. 

Argan Oil is hand pressed from the fruit of the Argan tree, which grows only in Southwestern Morocco. This precious oil is known as "Liquid Gold" because of its rarity and laborious production process. Morocco's women have been using this oil for millennia, and attribute their smooth skin, shiny hair and delayed graying to the daily use of Argan Oil.

We have a close relationship with the manufacturer of what we believe is the best quality Moroccan Argan Oil coming out of Morocco today. We receive the freshest harvest, and the difference in quality is notable.

We add our unique blend of Tangerine Essential Oils to the Organic Argan Oil.  Tangerine Essential Oil is antifungal and antiseptic. It stimulates circulation and is effective in treating oily skin and acne. Often used in products to reduce cellulite and stretch marks, its antiseptic properties soothe dry scalp, prevent/treat dandruff, and rejuvenate hair follicles/hair growth.

Designed For: Body and Hair. All Skin Types, particularly Oily skin. It is gentle enough for Sensitive, Dry and Mature Skin.

Benefits: Anti-Aging, Antiseptic, Moisturizing, Rejuvenating

How To Use: Use morning and night. Apply after shower or bath, or whenever skin feels dry, itchy or irritated. Apply to dry or wet hair.Apply to cuticles as needed. 

Note: This oil is versatile and can be used on body, hair, cuticles and dry hands and feet. It can be used on the face as well, though we prefer to use our specialty formulated Serums for that purpose.


• 100% Organic
• Vegan
• Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, pesticides, PEGs, propylene or butylene glycols
• No artificial fragrances or dyes
• Fair trade
• Cruelty Free. NEVER tested on animals


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· Organic Moroccan Argan Oil: Antioxidant, Regenerating, Anti-Aging
· Organic Tangerine Essential Oil: Moisturizing, Antiseptic, Stimulates Circulation to skin and scalp and prevents and alleviates dandruff

COMPLETE LIST OF INGREDIENTS: *Organic, Fair-Trade, Extra-Virgin, Cold-Pressed Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil; *A Proprietary Organic Essential Oil Blend Including Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Essential Oil
*Certified Organic Ingredients