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We're offering an in-depth consultation with customized product recommendations addressing all your skin concerns.

A sample kit of some or all recommended products is included.  Depending on whether you prefer a simple or complex skin routine, the samples most likely include a Cleanser, Toner, one or two Serums, Day/Night and /or Eye Creams.  Samples provided are limited to $50.00 and will probably not include all recommendations.  If you'd like us to include samples of all recommended products, these can be available for a small additional fee to cover the cost of the additional samples. 

Please provide the following information in the details section:

   1.  Complete Delivery Address for sample shipment (via US Mail)
   2.  Consultation preference:  E-mail or Phone (best time to call if by phone)
   3.  A brief description of your skin concerns, desires, skin type and products used in the past and currently.

If possible, please e-mail some close up pictures to  Your personal information and any photographs will be kept strictly confidential.

Within a week of receiving your information, Dr. Mira will evaluate your skin condition and will choose the best products for you from Rosemira's extensive catalog. Samples will be shipped to you and a follow up discussion will be scheduled once you've had a chance to try out the products which have been selected for you.


Please don't apply a discount code for the consultation. At $75.00, including $50.00 of free samples, this is a generous offer. We're unable to limit this product from your discount codes but we request that you honor our request. We will send you an invoice for the balance should you apply a discount code to this consultation.


For International customers, we will send you a separate invoice for the cost of shipping of samples once we determine whether you'd like samples or if you wish to order full sized products.

Thank you again for placing your trust in our products.






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1 Review

Sally May 9th 2016

Very Helpful

The consultation was very helpful in terms of product recommendations. She took a lot of time with me and I did not feel rushed or pressured to buy anything. I also learned a lot about the difference between department store products and natural products and the effectiveness of each. I received some samples that she intuitively chose based on our conversation which was very nice.

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