Personal Skin Consultation

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We're offering in-depth consultations with customized product recommendations addressing all your skin needs.

A sample kit of recommended products is included.  Depending on your choice of a simple or complex skin routine, the samples will include one or two Cleansers, Toners, and Serums, and a Day/Night and/or Eye Creams. 

Samples provided are limited to $50.00.  

Please provide the following information in the detail section:

   1.  Delivery Address for sample shipment (via US Mail)
   2.  Consultation preference:  E-mail or Phone (best time to call if by phone)
   3.  A brief description of your skin concerns, skin type and products used in the past and currently.

You can also e-mail close-up pictures to  Your personal information and pics are strictly confidential. Dr. Mira will evaluate your skin condition and choose the best options from Rosemira's catalog. Samples will be shipped and a follow-up discussion will be scheduled once you've had time to try out the products selected for you.

International customers will receive a separate invoice for the cost of shipping once we know if you'd like samples or if you wish to order retail-size products.

Thanks for placing your trust in Rosemira.




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