Anti-Aging Serum Collection - Limited Edition

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Serums are one of the most important products and an essential part of an effective skincare routine.

Serums are formulated as a treatment for certain skin types or conditions and  are different in texture, ingredients, and overall benefits. We can alternate serums day or night, we can alternate with the seasons, or as we focus on certain aspects and challenges of our skin.

For the holidays we've create a limited edition of three of our most popular serums. If you're not familiar with our serums, this collection provides you with a glimpse into our world of serums. And if you are familiar with our serums, this is an opportunity to purchase serums which you love and use as a gift for yourself or someone you love.

This Collection Includes Three Anti-Aging Serums  

  • Seaweed & Me Youth Serum 
  • Beauty Revitalizing Serum
  • See Me C Repair Serum
Designed For

Seaweed & Me Youth Serum: Was formulated to smooth and lift fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

Beauty Revitalizing Serum: A great serum to be used as a daily maintenance product to slow down cellular degenration and delay skin aging. It is recommended to use in younger as well as more mature skin. 

See Me C Repair Serum: Was formulated as a light Vitamin C Serum to repair broken capillaries, and deliver antioxidants deeper into the skin cells.


For detailed information about each serum, it's benefits and ingredients, please review the individual product pages.