Moroccan Red Rose Travel Kit in Violet Glass


Five of our best products for Dry or Mature Skin - the Moroccan Red Rose Line, packaged in Swiss Violet Glass. Everything a woman needs to look and feel beautiful packed into convenient travel sized containers. 

The Moroccan Red Rose Travel Kit includes: Moroccan Red Rose Exfoliating/Foaming Cleanser (1 Oz Bottle), Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner (0.5 Oz Spray Bottle), Gorgeous Gold Stem-Cell Serum (0.2 Oz Bottle), Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Cream (0.5 Oz Jar),  Bella Rose I-Renew Eye Cream (0.25 Oz Jar) 

Designed For: All Skin Types, especially Dry or Mature  Skin

Benefits: Moisturizing, Regenerating, Hydrating, Anti-Aging

How To Use: The kit offers a 5 step program. Use all products in this kit as you would the retail sized items.  

  • Cleanse with Moroccan Red Rose Exfoliating/Foaming Cleanser. If using heavy make-up repeat until all residue of make-up is removed. Rinse with warm water. For dry or mature skin, use no more than 3 times a week and the rest of the time alternate with a Cleansing Gel, Cleansing Milk or Moisturizing Cleanser.  Due to the high concentration of botanicals and the thick nature of this cleanser, the treatment pump has been replaced with a cap. Just pour a small amount of cleanser into your palm, and proceed as usual.
  • Spray Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner onto cleansed skin 2-3 times to refresh, soothe and prepare the skin for the treatment serum or for a moisturizing cream. 
  • Apply 2-3 drops of Gorgeous Gold Stem Cell Serum to skin right after the toner and while skin is still slightly moist and massage gently. This Serum has a bronze color, which absorbs rather slowly into the skin. Massaging a few dabs of moisturizing cream onto serum can speed up absorption.
  • After Serum apply a few dabs of Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Cream all over face and neck.
  • Finally apply Bella Rose I-Renew Eye Cream to delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Include the top of the eyelids and eyebrows.


Use daily for best results. The products in this kit should last approximately 4 weeks. The Cleanser and Serum will offer up to 2 months of use. 

For more detailed information about the individual products in this kit, please look each product up in its respective category.


Note about Packaging:  Violet glass, blocks all degrading light frequencies and maintains superior quality of the products it stores. The glass dramatically prolongs shelf life, enhances bio-availability and nutritional value, and it looks great on the counter. It minimizes carbon footprint by extending product viability and non-throwaway containment.


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