Rosemira skincare is scientifically sound and deeply rooted in the knowledge of herbs, nutrition and Chinese Medicine. We all wish for and deserve radiant skin. Rosemira is here to grant your wish and ensure you have the proper tools to protect and balance your skin.  When it comes to skincare, Rosemira's approach is simple: the best ingredients found worldwide no matter the expense, no additives, no alcohol or any other preservatives, 98% Organic, 90% Vegan based, no animal testing, and a short shelf-life (that's what it takes if you want the real deal).  Cyberspace is ineffective to convey the nourishing and healing touch of Rosemira face and body creams, the dazzling scents of her toners and serums, but let there be no doubt--Rosemira Skincare is world class, cutting edge and environmentally /ethically conscious.  Rosemira is a rebel by nature, leading the revolution against the unhealthy corporate skincare status quo.  Rosemira is pleased to have thousands of satisfied customers from the US to China, to Europe and the  Middle East.

While many new lines form every year, all wanting to benefit from the revolution in organic skincare, I began to develop my line 30 years ago, long before Organic became a popular word. I did so in response to my personal need for wholesome, effective and pure products. Thirty years later, my skin, and that of my clients and friends is a testament to the true efficacy of these products.

It takes years to develop an efficacious line; one cannot just jump on the bandwagon and claim to have a thoroughly effective line within a few years. These new lines attest to using the best ingredients, and that may be the case, however, even though ingredients are key, it's not just the ingredients one uses, but also the synergy between them and the test of time that enable true efficacy rather than temporary results. My combination of oils is scientifically sound and also intuitively directed. Combining Marula oil and Pomegranate oil will deliver a different result than combining Pomegranate oil with Acai Berry Oil, and this is only one of many factors that set me apart from the competition. When formulating my early serums, I made the mistake of using every anti-aging ingredient I could think of. The result was less than inspiring or effective. I learned that most times- "Less is More". The formulas improved with the passing years; the correct ingredients combined to produce delicate and effective formulas that stand the test of time--thirty years and counting.  

Another trait that sets me apart is that I never use a common blend of ingredients in all my formulas; while that would be easy and cost effective, it is not the best for my clients. Every formula is unique. Each serum is made of different oils that offer results and solutions for a variety of skin issues. I have yet to find another line that offers the variety of ingredients used as well as the deep commitment to performance and results, even at the cost of profit margin and ease of operation.  

So when searching for the next best skincare line, ask yourself: "Do I want a line motivated by the vision of profit and popularity, a line that throws a bunch of ingredients into one stock pot and hopes they all work well together, or do I want more.? " If you want only the very best, Rosemira is your one and only answer.