1. Cleanse: Avoid Harsh Cleansers and wash with warm or cold water. Alternate the types of Cleanser you use. Keep a variety on hand to choose from. Foaming Cleansers are great after workouts, gardening, and similar activities, as well as for oily-combination skin. Some are also exfoliating. When you limit their use to several times a week they'll serve well Dry or Mature Skin. 3-4 times a week should be sufficient for mature skin. Always follow with a Floral Water Based Toner. Regardless of your skin type and Toner's specific function, most provide varying degrees of hydration, always welcome after a Foaming Cleanser. Oil Based Cleansers are wonderful for all skin types not just dry skin. And Cleansing Milks are great at removing Make-up without stripping the skin of it's protective layer.

2. Hydrate: Most of us don't drink enough water. Gradually increase your daily water intake. Ultimately you want to drink up to a gallon a day. That's a lot of water. Take your time increasing your water intake. Spray Toners frequently throughout the day. Cold air and exposure to heaters are drying and Toners are one step in adding much needed Hydration.

3. Moisturize: Search for rich, easily absorbed Moisturizers, and use day and night. Apply lighter creams in the morning and thicker and slightly heavier ones at night. There are many types of creams so take time to find the ones that best resonate with you and your skin. Those will also change with the seasons and circumstances.

4. Eye Treatment: The delicate area below and surrounding the eyes is one of the first areas that shows our age. Especially with daily wearing of masks, the eyes are more pronounced, and the surrounding skin more tender, possibly irritated. An Eye Serum or Cream are designed to address that delicate area in a specific manner, for dark circles, fine wrinkles and puffiness.

5. Serum Treatment: If you aren't doing so yet, incorporate day and night Serums into your routine. Effective serums are focused on solving a problem, an acute or chronic skin challenge. If your Serum is based on Oils as most are, it should include more than Carrier oils. They are packed with nutrients, and as lovely as they are they're considered the medium into which more active ingredients can be added such as Antioxidants, Peptides, Botanical Extracts and Superfoods.

6. Steam Treatment: Engage in the ritual of a facial steam. While we are still restricted to our homes, there is no replacement to a professional treatment, but we can try to do our best. There are simple professional steamers on the market, but one can just as easily create your own steamer using a pot, water, herbs, botanical extracts and essential oils. The result is great for the skin and the spirit.

7. Mask Treatment: Use Masks regularly. Masks provide a variety of functions. There are exfoliating masks which stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells. There are nourishing and hydrating anti-aging masks and there are those that also balance pH, and are antiseptic and anti-bacterial for reactive skin.

8. A Peel or Exfoliant Treatment: Add Peels to your routine. Peels, like Masks, are designed with all types of ingredients. Most have some fruit acids, Lactic or Glycolic Acid, Dead Sea Mud, Aloe Vera Gel, Honey, Hyaluronic Acid, Sweet Potato and other ingredients. Regular use of Peels will enliven and awaken dry and tired skin. The ones without strong acids are safe and gentle enough to use several times a week.

9. Diet: If your diet is devoid of an excess of oily foods, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and red meat, you need not change anything. You can always increase your intake of foods that balance oil production such as Green Tea, Probiotics, and make sure to eat plenty of foods rich in fatty acids, nuts, seeds & herbs. Steam instead of sautée or fry.

10. Make-up: Cut down on the use of make-up. It should be easier as we spend more time indoors. If your skin reaches a point of balance where tone is even, reactivity and sensitivity diminish, Rosacea and other inflammatory conditions are no longer part of your daily existence, your skin will look great, even better without concealer and foundation. When you do wear make-up, rinse if off immediately upon returning home so your skin has time to breathe un-encumbered.

January 01, 2021 — Mira Herman

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