Customized Skin Consultation with Dr. Mira - Plus $50 Worth of Free Samples

$25.00 USD

What type of consultation?

100% Natural

Cruelty Free

GMO Free & Gluten Free

We're offering an exclusive in-depth consultation with Dr. Mira, with customized product recommendations addressing all your skin needs.
The $25 fee includes a private consultation with Dr. Mira, and then $50 worth of free samples, which will be chosen on the basis of the consultation. Additionally, you will receive future free access to further questions and requests for advice after the initial consultation.

A sample kit of recommended products is included. Depending on your choice of a simple or complex skin routine, the samples will include one or two cleansers, toners, and serums, and a day/night and/or eye creams.

Please provide the following information in the detail section above:

1. Delivery address for sample shipment (via US Mail).
2. Consultation preference: email or phone (best time to call if by phone).
3. A brief description of your skin concerns, skin type, and products used in the past and currently.

You can also email close-up pictures to Your personal information and pics are strictly confidential. Dr. Mira will evaluate your skin condition and choose the best options from Rosemira's catalog. Samples will be shipped and a follow-up discussion will be scheduled once you've had time to try out the products selected for you.

International customers will receive a separate invoice for the cost of shipping once we know if you'd like samples or if you wish to order retail-size products.

Thanks for placing your trust in Rosemira.