Busy working moms often won’t have time to follow a strict beauty regime, but these home remedies offer a great quick fix.

Organic beauty products are on the rise, with recent research suggesting the market will be worth $22bn by 2024. No surprise there: the benefits of natural skin care are known the world over, with mainstream brands such as Lush and Body Shop leading the trend in the global market. In 2017 alone, there has been an estimated 10% growth in sales in the USA. Now, most fashion bloggers and beauty gurus reach for the natural aisle in favor of toxin-heavy and potentially damaging products.

This growth in popularity is partly down to current beauty trends. A full eyebrow has been all the rage since Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne rose to fame, and now beauty brands such as Benefit and Anastasia Beverly Hills offer a wide range of makeup to get the look. But all that pruning and preening takes time, and so it’s no surprise consumers have turned to natural remedies such as castor oil to get hassle free, naturally thick brows.

Don’t stop there! Natural skin care and beauty products can help you to glow from within without spending hours in front of the bathroom mirror. Let these five natural skin cares fixes help you…

Cucumber water

You read right! Water is essential if you crave a clearer complexion. H2O helps to keep wrinkles at bay by providing skin cells with the fuel they need to repair themselves. The essential drink will also flush away impurities and toxins that can cause breakouts. Add cucumber for a healthy dose of nutrients and vitamins, and you’ll glow like a goddess within no time at all.

Greek yogurt

Probiotic yogurts are already a staple on your shopping list. Now beauty brands such as Korres are bringing the foodie trend to their own natural skin care range. If you’re stuck for cash, the good news is you can knock up a face mask at home using Greek yogurt, honey as an antiseptic, and bananas as a fantastic source of antioxidants. Mash them together and hey presto! Just remember to wash it off properly when you’re done.

Floral cleansing water

Rose water and chamomile are big features on the natural skin care scene, thanks to their plumbing and replenishing properties. If you’ve skipped out on your water intake or simply want to give your skin an added boost, there’s a natural solution. Add some rose petals to room temperature water and distill for a few hours before you wash up before bedtime. Your skin will love you for it!

Castor oil

Traditionally used to aid digestion, castor oil will make your hair grow thick and fast when applied topically. Many beauty gurus have smeared this natural product on their brows, to get the Delevingne look without resorting to drastic measures. Give it a try!

Apple cider and baking powder

This powerful concoction isn’t recommended for sensitive skin, but if you can tolerate the mixture, it will help to scrub away the most stubborn of blackheads. That’s because apple cider helps to open pores and address toxicity levels, while baking powder acts as a natural exfoliant. Have fun, pop-a-holes!

Do you have more natural skin care and home remedy tips? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Emily Green for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.

November 16, 2021 — Matcha

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