Dead Sea Salts

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Pure Dead Sea Salts. A luxuriant sea salt extracted and solar dried from the saline and mineral-rich marshes of the Dead Sea - the lowest point on earth. These salts are known for their healing properties. With a 30% mineral content - higher than any other sea in the world, these salts are rich in Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Potassium, Calcium, Bromide and many more. Washing with or soaking in a bath with dissolved Dead Sea Salts helps clear rashes, eczema and acne sores. The salts heal blemishes, balance oily skin and restore the skin's pH, leaving you with a healthy glow.

DESIGNED FOR: All Skin Types

BENEFITS: Clarifying, Anti-Inflammatory, Tightening, Toning Complexion

HOW TO USE: Dissolve ¼-½ tsp in warm water. Dip cotton washcloth in the salty water and cleanse face. Best used to remove the Lavender & Geranium Deep-Cleansing Masque. When Masque is dry and ready to be removed, wipe off with the soaked cotton washcloth.

NOTE: Do not use to exfoliate. Dead Sea grains are coarse and too rough for facial skin, unless they are finely ground and added to an exfoliating cleanser or exfoliating scrub.

INGREDIENTS: Dead Sea Salts.


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