Holiday Toner Sampler Collection

$47.00 USD $60.00

100% Natural

Cruelty Free

GMO Free & Gluten Free

This Holiday Toner Sampler Collection offers a complete selection of toners for any and all skin types. Toners are all too often overlooked and yet they're an integral part of an effective skincare routine. Don't miss out on this essential step to maintain your best skin.

Our Holiday Toner Sampler Collection contains:

Spring Flowers Calming Toner
Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner
Immortelle Clearing Toner
Citrus Melody Balancing Toner
Tamil Sandalwood Stimulating Toner

Take this kit with you on the road, or as a gift.

Our Promise

At Rosemira, every ingredient is an active ingredient.

Our products are artisanal, made with love, by hand, in small batches and fresh weekly.

• 95% Organic or Wildcrafted
• Vegan
• GMO Free
• No Artificial Fragrances or Dyes
• Cruelty Free. NEVER Tested on Animals 
• Rosemira is Certified as a clean and safe line of products by CertClean