How do you preserve your natural organic skin care bio cosmetic formulations without the use of parabens?
Most of our natural organic products for skin care do not contain any preservatives and are prepared per order within days of delivery, thus do not require extensive preservation. We use oils with a long shelf life, and when needed we add natural preservatives such as organic Rosemary Verbenon, Grapeseed extract and Vitamin E. We are actively researching the right combination of natural organic ingredients to extend the shelf life of our products. Our foaming cleansers now contain a botanical preservative system which is ECOCERT certified.

What is the shelf life of your bio organic skin care cosmetic products?
At Rosemira we do not use commercial preservatives in our organic products, therefore this is a very important question. Each product has a different shelf life which is dependent on the natural ingredients used. Our body butters, bath salts and body scrubs should be used within 6-8 months from date of purchase. Our organic toners and serums are good for up to a year. Our natural cleansers and moisturizing creams are the most delicate products we sell. They are comprised of ingredients that are somewhat perishable even prior to mixing and thus once they are put together they do have a relatively short shelf life as far as commercial lines go. We make our products per order and they are shipped within 2 weeks from date of creation, thus by the time you use them their shelf life should last the life of the product, 3-4 months.

In order to preserve and extend the fresh quality of these precious products they should be kept away from heat and extreme temperature fluctuations. Except for our main line of Moisturizing Creams, the rest of our products including the Shea Butter Line of Moisturizing Creams and the Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Cream, all do well under refrigeration, extending their shelf life significantly.

We do not expect lettuce to last more than a few days. Why would we expect any living product to have an unlimited shelf-life unless it is no longer a living product, in which case it would have an unlimited shelf life and I personally would not want to ingest it or put it on my skin.

Can I request bio organic skin care natural cosmetic samples?
Our organic ingredients are precious and expensive. We sell samples at cost. When you make a purchase you may request a free sample. For orders over $100 you may request up to 3 free samples. To indicate which sample you would like sent, please enter the information in the message / comment field at checkout. If the item you request is available in a sample size, we’ll include it with your shipment. If you are curious to try a few Rosemira Organics items, we sell 3 Mini Travel Kits for $30.00. Each kit contains 5 sample sized organic products for skin care in each of our lines, and will provide you with the opportunity to test out the line of your choice.

Are your bio organic skin care fragrances natural?
We use only organic and wild crafted essential oils and pure botanical extracts. The fragrance of our products is solely the result of the synergy between these ingredients. Each of the ingredients included in our products is chosen for the benefits it offers both skin and spirit and will not elicit any negative reaction such as the headaches commonly experienced when exposed to products containing synthetic fragrances. Due to the nature of aromatherapy you may be more attracted to the line that offers you the emotional benefit you need at the moment and that too may change over time as you do.

What are the steps in an organic anti-aging facial skin care?

Step 1:  Natural bio moisturizing cleansers for organic face skin care.

A good facial skin care program is composed of three phases: cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
The goal in cleansing is to gently remove impurities and dead skin cells while encouraging the skin to produce a healthy protective mantle of sebum. Over cleaning is damaging to dry skin, since it leaves it vulnerable to moisture loss and too much scrubbing can also be detrimental to oily skin by stimulating sebum overproduction. The key is to tailor your cleaning process to your skin?s particular needs and alternating between foaming, moisturizing and exfoliating is always a good rule of thumb.
We offer you a variety of bio natural organic foaming, exfoliating/foaming cleansers and a rich Clementine moisturizing cleanser. For our newest creations a fresh Pineapples and Cream Milky Cleanser and a light English Tea Rose moisturizing cleanser, please, call or write as they are not offered on our website yet. For additional natural bio organic cleansing using scrubs and masques for skin care, please refer to those specific categories.

Step 2:  Include an alcohol free natural organic toner in your daily skin care cosmetic regimen?
An alcohol free toner is the most important part of your skin care regimen. The most common skin problems are the result of dehydration and lack of thorough cleansing. Hydrosol toners should be used frequently throughout the day to refresh, tone and hydrate.

Step 3:  Bio natural organic moisturizing cosmetic creams for face skin care
Moisturizing is an ideal way to nourish, soothe, lubricate and hydrate the skin. The act of massaging in the moisturizer also helps stimulate circulation, bringing a fresh blood supply to the skin and ensuring a healthy, radiant and youthful complexion. Our bio natural organic moisturizers are devoid of fillers, additives and stabilizers, they are extremely concentrated and only small amounts are needed for maximal results. Because they are readily absorbed, though rich they do not leave a clogged or greasy layer on the skin, instead the skin is left feeling soft, silky and supple. Though rich they do not leave a clogged or greasy layer on the skin because they are so readily absorbed, instead leaving the skin silky, soft and supple.

Bio natural organic cosmetic scrubs for facial skin care

Organic facial scrubs are formulated from dry ingredients that are ground together, moistened and then used to scrub the skin. They gently cleanse and polish providing excellent exfoliation, and nourish the skin by stimulating circulation. Used like a soap and water wash, scrubs tend to leave the skin smoother and less stripped of it protective oils. We have enhanced the moisturizing and nourishing organic qualities of our bio natural scrubs by offering them as duos of wet and dry ingredients. The dry ingredients, innovative fusions of grains, clays, botanical fruit and herbal extracts are mixed with rich, nourishing exotic oils, hydrating flower hydrosols and essential oils. The texture and scent of the resulting blends soften your skin while inspiring your senses.

Our main ingredients for bio natural organic skin care

We have spent years finding the right natural sources for the varied natural bio ingredients used in our organic products, and since we insist on only the highest quality of bio ingredients to be used in our products line for organic skin care, although a more costly endeavor we choose to purchase different natural ingredients from an extensive list of organic suppliers, distillers and distributors from across the globe.

What are your thoughts about organic and natural ingredients in comparison to ingredients which are not natural or organic, used in anti-aging skin care products?

At Rosemira we believe beauty should not come at the expense of health. Many of the larger skin care companies that dominate the anti-aging skin care industry use ingredients which are toxic both to our environment and to ourselves. These companies don't provide their customers with effective results. Since organic and natural ingredient skin care is gaining popularity, these companies are going to market with new products touted as organic and natural. Unfortunately natural and organic are words which are easy to place on labels with little need to prove their validity. We're being misled into trusting these products. Not all companies are following suit. There are companies with a social ethic--companies like Rosemira  that actually use organic and natural ingredients 99% of the time. We buy our ingredients from distributors we trust. We use the best ingredients available on the market today.