Apple Pectin

Malus Domestica

Pectin, from ancient Greek: pēktikós, “congealed, curdled" is contained in primary cell walls of terrestrial plants. First isolated and described in 1825 by Henri Braconnot, it’s produced commercially as a light-brown powder extracted from citrus fruits, and is used as a gelling agent in jams and jellies. A stabilizer in fruit juices and milk drinks, apple pectin is a good dietary fiber. Apple pectin treats colitis, helps regulate bowel movements, reduces inflammation associated with diarrhea and relieves constipation. Pectin is also an appetite-suppressant beneficial for safe weight loss.

Vitamin and mineral rich, apple pectin contains high concentrations of Vitamins C, A and Potassium. When applied topically, this dense compound promotes skin cell growth and prevents free radical damage, making it an anti-aging active ingredient. Pectin is also used to formulate facial cleansers, sunscreen salve, makeup foundations, shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products.

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