Carrot Seed & Root

Daucus Carota

Carrot seed essential oil is steam distilled from wild carrot seeds. Another popular name for the carrot plant is “Queen Anne’s Lace”. The extraction has significant amounts of vitamins E and C, and carotenoids that directly affect the skin’s health and glow. This nutritive formula is excellent at balancing sebum production. Carrot Seed is one of the most rejuvenating and regenerative oils for mature skin. Rich in beta-carotene and vitamins B, C, D & E. Vitamin E contributes to carrot seed oil's efficacy in moisturizing the skin without blocking pores, and vitamin C offers powerful anti-oxidizing carotenoids to help protect the skin from UV rays and free radicals. Carrot Seed and Root Oil stimulates the production of red blood cells to improve circulation and skin tone promoting a healthy glow.