Tangerine Oil

Citrus Reticulata

Tangerines have been grown for over 3,000 years in Japan, China and Djibouti. Its name is derived from Tangier, a city in Morocco and the port where the first tangerines arrived in Europe during the 1800s.

In Chinese Medicine, the tangerine peel is called, “Chen Pi” and is used in treating upset stomach, diarrhea, indigestion, and vomiting. The tangerine peel is also believed to control, reconcile and stabilize the flow of energy or Qi of the body.

In Ayurvedic medicine the tangerine is highly regarded as a natural detoxifying agent, which leads to strengthening the immune system, improving mental clarity, and nurturing overall health.

Tangerine oil is particularly helpful for treating irritated skin and acne. Its antifungal and antiseptic properties help to prevent skin infections and treat dandruff and dry scalp. An antispasmodic, tangerine oil relaxes muscles to relieve spasms. It also helps to reduce pain and promote sleep.