Honey Botanical Extract

Apis Mellifera

Honey has an illustrious history. Cave paintings in Spain from 7000BC show the earliest time of beekeeping. Ancient Egyptians used honey as a sweetener, and even as an ingredient in embalming fluid. Pope Urban VIII used the bee as his emblem. Napoleon's flag carried a single line of bees in flight. The bee was the emblem used on coins in the Greek city of Ephesus and the symbol of the Greek goddess Artemis.

Honey is a healing elixir that promotes health and well-being. A daily dose of honey boosts the body's antioxidants supply - essential for protection against free radicals. Honey treats coughs and colds, heals cuts and grazes and soothes digestive disorders. 29 Purifying and soothing properties include moisturizing, hair and skin conditioning, and anti-inflammatories. Effective treatment for sensitive and/or irritated skin, acne, and blemished aging skin.