Oily Skin Essentials Collection

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100% Natural

Cruelty Free

GMO Free & Gluten Free

Five essential products for oily skin packaged in Swiss Violet Glass. A complete kit for morning and night routines.

The Oily Skin Essentials Collection includes: 

  • Aloe & Pink Grapefruit Gel Cleanser (3.3 oz)
  • Citrus Melody Balancing (1.7 oz)
  • See Me C Repair Serum (0.33 oz)
  • Lavender Dreams - Ayurvedic Restorative Moisturizing Cream (1.0 oz)
  • Moisturize Me Citrus Restorative Cream (1.0 oz)

The Collection includes: 

Aloe & Pink Grapefruit Gel Cleanser: This fresh and citrus-scented organic cleanser is pure and gentle, making it the perfect cleanser for all skin types. It removes makeup and grime without drying out your skin. The Aloe & Pink Grapefruit Gel Cleanser is effective without the use of harsh detergents, alcohols, or synthetic preservatives and helps your skin stay clean and soft.

Citrus Melody Balancing Toner: This combination of Citrus Hydrosols and Essential Oils smells like an orange grove in bloom. Apply daily after cleansing to soothe and refresh your skin. Neroli and Lemon Balm Hydrosols have astringent qualities. They balance sebum production and are the hydrosols of choice for oily skin. With the light and fresh scent of our proprietary Citrus Essential Oil Blend, a few sprays of this toner will clear acne flare-ups, balance skin pH and uplift your spirit.

See Me C Repair Serum: We combine potent antioxidant oils (Marula and Pomegranate Seed) with the best anti-aging essential oils of Frankincense and Rose — known for their powerful skin rejuvenating and hydrating properties. We then add a Citrus Essential Oil Blend for a delightfully scented, fast-absorbing serum, rich in the nutrients essential for radiant skin. Light and nourishing See Me C Repair Serum is wonderful for your face, body, and spirit. A great summer serum when you want to hydrate your skin without using heavy oils.

Lavender Dreams - Ayurvedic Restorative Moisturizing Cream (Morning Routine): As light as it is rich, our Lavender Dreams Restorative Moisturizing Cream is rooted in the Ayurvedic tradition. This vegan cream has a base of Candelilla Wax, Olive Oil, Noni Berries, Poppy Flowers, Lavender, and German Chamomile. These potent ingredients moisturize dehydrated skin, support collagen production for improved elasticity. Our unique formulation maintains youthful skin and restores damaged skin. It is soothing and calming, making it perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Moisturize Me Citrus Restorative Cream (Night Routine): Rich and citrus-scented, this cream effectively moisturizes and restores tone, slows down wrinkle formation and helps temper existing ones. It is particularly good for combination and oily skin and those prone to acne, yet is also nourishing to dry, mature skin.

Designed For

Oily and combination skin.


Moisturizing, Hydrating, Balancing, Restorative

The kit offers a 5 step program:

  • Cleanse with Aloe & Pink Grapefruit Gel Cleanser. If using heavy makeup repeat until all residue of makeup is removed. Rinse with warm water. Gentle for everyday use as part of a morning and night routine.
  • Spray Citrus Melody Balancing Toner onto cleansed skin 2-3 times to refresh, soothe and prepare the skin for application of the serum or moisturizing cream.
  • Apply 2-3 drops of See Me C Repair Serum to your skin right after the toner and while the skin is still slightly moist and massage gently. Pay special attention to areas of concern.

  • (Morning Routine): After serum apply a few dabs of Lavender Dreams - Ayurvedic Restorative Moisturizing Cream over your face and neck. The cream is rich, only a small mount is sufficient for excellent results.

  • (Nighttime Routine): After the toner and serum apply a few dabs of Moisturize Me Citrus Restorative Cream over your face and neck. The cream is rich, only a tiny amount is sufficient for good results.

For optimal results use all products daily. Consistency is key.

Please look up separate product ingredients in their respective categories.

Our Promise

At Rosemira, every ingredient is an active ingredient.

Our products are artisanal, made with love, by hand, in small batches and fresh weekly.

  • 95% Organic or Wildcrafted Ingredients
  • Free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Pesticides, PEGs, Propylene or Butylene Glycols
  • No Artificial Fragrances or Dyes
  • Cruelty-Free. NEVER tested on animals.
  • Rosemira is Certified as a clean and safe line of products by CertClean
Note About Violet Swiss Glass Packaging
Violet glass blocks all degrading light frequencies and maintains superior quality of the products it stores. The glass dramatically prolongs shelf life, enhances bio-availability and nutritional value, and it looks great on the counter. It minimizes carbon footprint by extending product viability and non-throwaway containment.